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Keybase 20211021:

Q (gneale): Is there any evidence in retrospect in the blockrecord that any particular spendbundle signature is associated with any particular spent coin?

A (Quexington): It's kind of like hashing. You can't pull apart a signature to see what pubkeys and messages are inside of it, but if you have a coin spend, you can verify a signature that signs all of its data. If you looked at the spent coin, you can see what pks and messages it required a signature on. Then, if you have a list of signatures that you want to match to it, you can test whether or not those pks and messages are in that signature. And you can see if that's the whole signature or if you're looking at something that is aggregated further.

Q (gneale): The "list of signatures" you are referring to is hypothetical, and not available on the blockrecord, right? All I see is one aggregated signature in the example I am looking at.

A (Quexington): Yes